7 Ways To Structure Your Short form Videos 

If you’ve been hearing it’s all about the video, then pay attention because it is exactly what’s happening in the industry right now. Videos are taking over the other kinds of content.

The reason behind such popularity is that videos offer digestible learning. 

Here’s how you can use them for your brand:

Setting Goals: 

You need to set goals in order to show up on your channel in the most seamless way. It doesn’t matter which platform you use; just remember to stay consistent and wary of what works for the particular platform. Setting goals not only helps you to be consistent but also keeps you accountable and inspired to create content.


There are a variety of videos that are doing good on the Gram. Voiceovers are great when you want to put the process into the foreground. Showing your face and talking to your audience builds trust, and slideshows of your projects show that you’re on top of your game. Don’t stick with what’s trending. Stick with what suits your business. If voiceovers are trending, but they don’t work for your business, don’t bother making voice overs. Remember to meet your audience where they are.

Purpose-led content: 

To think short-form videos don’t need a purpose and are just simple tricks of advertising is not the right way to go. The purpose of all your videos must incline with the campaign. Decide whether you want to inform or educate, or is it simply to entertain the audience with funny posts? This step will decide the direction of your content. It will also give structure to your content. 

Thinking about whether or not to post short forms because your channel has long-form content?

Don’t be confused thinking about whether or not to post short-form content on your channel because it supports long-form content. Short-form videos can act as a trailer for your long-form content. You can do the age-old promotional teaser thing with these short-form videos. Teaser intrigues people and makes them more curious to watch your long-form content.

Asking and wanting engagement: 

Sale-sy calls to action are out now. It’s genuine, we take care of you, we can empower you, let us help you, sort of call to actions that are doing great. Your brand must either empower or entertain or, even better, help the users. Nothing less will do any good. Short videos give lots and lots of knowledge packed in a digestible manner which can be redeemed with a subscription. Ask your audience to take action, such as ‘read our blog’ etc, to push your long-form content even more.

Trendy is Trending

Make every second of your short video count. Use all the elements that can be used in your video. Film in vertical format, use text, add visual elements, and use audio/sound that is trending.


A hook is very important if you want to gather all the attention towards you with short-form videos. Add a hook in the video and grab all the attention you want for yourself. So many people out there think short-form content doesn’t require planning. You cannot be further from the truth. Short-form content is one of the hottest-selling cakes right now. If you don’t want people to see an unplanned, unpolished brand image. Make sure your video has the following sequence:

Hook< Build up< Knowledge nuggets< CTA

This structure will help you create more effective posts in less time.

Inconsistent Content

Bad, unplanned, or inconsistent content will spoil your image. Imagine you’re following a brand that’s come up with the sassiest video about an upcoming campaign you’d like to participate in. After the short video, this brand takes days, weeks, and then probably months to create the campaign so you can participate in it. Will you still be interested in them? No. Chances are they’d be a forgotten name by the time they launch their campaign. Consistency is important. If you want to see your brand progressing, improving, and growing by the day, keep consistency alive.

The lifelong Trends VS. Authentic battle:

If you’re torn between either following trends or creating authentic content, we will suggest you’d go for a sweet balance. 3 weekly posts with the trending topics, and the remaining 3 can be about what you offer will help your brand reach the heights.

These were some of the content marketing ideas we thought would help you out. For impeccable digital marketing services, connect with Us now!

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